EPA Services

South Shore Protects the Environment… and You!

Did you know that your building owner, property management company and your service provider could be fined up to $10,000 for discharging waste water into storm drains?

South Shore protects the building owner and environment by strictly adhering to all EPA federal, state and local guidelines for managing water run off during our steam cleaning and pressure washing service.

To ensure against unlawful practices by your steam cleaning and pressure washing service provider,

  • Ask for proof of certification or documentation of training in EPA compliance for water management.

  • Ask the service provider if a reclamation unit will be used during the service.

  • Ask the service provider for a “Pollution Prevention Voucher” to be provided upon completion of service.

  • Does the service provider take photos of work for verification of compliant waste water management?

  • Finally, ask the service provider if the run off water if being RECLAIMED, and if so, where the water being disposed? Ask for a copy of the company’s

  • BMP’s or Best Management Practices for steam cleaning and pressure washing service.

Due to stricter guidelines and the frequent enforcement by the Water Regulatory Board, South Shore has made it a priority to invest in the Equipment, Training and Supplies to do the job right.